Welcome to Vaioa!
What was once a desert Weyr has been forced to move South by a terrible famine and the unrest of the holders in the North. A disastrous jump forward in time has brought our refugees to a thriving future, with expansive towns and broad new horizons. Pern has moved on from past disasters, but can the lost Vaioan riders cope with so much change?

[A new beginning]

Welcome One And All!
[A weyrwide Gather]

Welcome to the (comfort filled) Jungle
[A welcome to new candidates]

Current RP Year:
50th, Turn 1305
Current Weather:
Spring in the South is a time of intense color and torrential rainfall. Roads that aren't stone are muddy rivers and everything feels a bit drowned by tropical storms. On days when the sun deigns to show itself, however, vibrant blooms and breathtaking beauty of the local flora more than make up for for the rain.

32 Available

9 Available

Rhias and Melacyth

P'az and Briloth

Ten'ba and Loganth
Elysavet and Zatrivth
El'jir and Morrith

Lowen and Lerriloth
Karnial and Bremorth
Kari and Seliath

Staff members may be contacted via PM with questions


Rainbow Mists Weyr
Arolos Weyr The Peacekeepers Age
Canyon River Weyr
Fortune Favors the Brave RPG-D

Vaioa latest news: News Update 06.30.18
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No New Posts Rules and Inquiries
Rules for how to behave in and out of character on Vaioa Weyr are found here. This is required reading before becoming active. If you have a question, this is a good place to ask it.
1 7 May 22 2018, 02:36 PM
In: Rules
By: Fishy
No New Posts Vaioa Weyr
Find out all you need to know about the Weyr and Pern here: history, descriptions, dragon colors, character listings, and other vital information for your everyday life.
Subforums: Pern Information, Vaioa Listings

25 49 Jul 12 2018, 11:43 PM
In: Faceclaim Listing
By: Bounce
No New Posts News
Any new goings-on with the Weyr, including any major plots or upcoming events will be listed here for your convenience.
5 0 Jun 30 2018, 07:08 PM
In: News Update 06.30.18
By: Esuta

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No New Posts Adoptables
This forum is for the adoption of pre-made dragons, whers, and fire-lizards. If you are interested in owning one of Pern's unique creatures, but don't feel like writing one of your own, this place is for you! Please read the rules thoroughly before applying.
Subforums: Dragons, Whers

43 14 Yesterday at 01:25 pm
In: Blood: Adoptable
By: Marbles
No New Posts Inactive Characters
These characters have gone MIA with no LOA or characters who have gone on extended LOAs. Please PM an admin to retrieve your characters upon return.
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4 19 May 29 2018, 10:35 AM
In: Sky's Art
By: Fishy

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No New Posts The Cove
This idyllic cove delights Vaioa's residents with its majestic cliffs littered with fantastic caves, beautiful white, sandy beaches and warm tropical waters. A gentle river flows from the jungle and into the sea. Protected by a long stretch of reefs that ships must navigate carefully, this place is sheltered more than most parts of the coast from tropical storms and contains a lively port.

Subforums: The Docks

19 62 Yesterday at 06:37 pm
In: All For A Sunrise
By: Aris
No New Posts Rider's Weyrs
Vaioa's magnificent cliffs are pocked with weyrs. Although natural in origin, they have been adapted over time to be suitable for dragons. Riders also have the option of living on the ground level in housing.

Subforums: Rider Housing, Mature Forum

7 43 Today at 06:12 am
In: Most People Give Flowers (w...
By: Cali
No New Posts Great Hall
The beating heart of the Weyr sits far back beyond the beach and contains the kitchens and the enormous dining hall, as well as storage facilities. All but the most essential staff commute from the nearby Hold.

5 34 Today at 04:57 am
In: Angry Golds And Hatching Eggs
By: Red
No New Posts Candidate Barracks
This is the home of those who would be dragonriders, and contains a common room as well as baths. Candidate lessons are announced here.

4 25 Yesterday at 10:51 pm
In: Off To A Good Start
By: Ira
No New Posts Weyrling Barracks
The Weyrling Barracks are the home to new riders and their lifemates, until their dragons are able to carry them in flight.

5 12 Jul 12 2018, 12:18 AM
In: [lesson] Left, Right, Left!
By: Bounce
No New Posts The Infirmary
Located very near to the Great Hall, the Infirmary also doubles as a full Healer Hall, and sees both human and draconic patients. It has a large bay for dragons, as well as more normal rooms for human patients.

2 13 Jul 13 2018, 09:46 PM
In: & Cold Beyond All Froze...
By: Sappira
No New Posts Hatching Sands
At the joining of tremendous cliff and beach is Vaioa's extravagant hatching grounds. A huge stone arena filled with sand that's been warmed both by the hot springs beneath and the huge, stylized glass skylight that magnifies the formidable southern sun. Openings for dragons to fly in are numerous and the inside of the grounds sport raised tiers of seats as well as plenty of ledge space to perch on. The visiting queens may not get any rest, but at least their riders will, in the suite of comfortable rooms attached to the grounds.

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No New Posts The Skies
Due to the tropical climate, the skies above Vaioa are warm and wonderful for flying, but can be a rainy, tempestuous mess as well.

Subforums: Mating Flights

1 8 Jul 7 2018, 01:36 AM
In: Golden Streak
By: Sappira
No New Posts Feeding Pens
A large pasture situated behind the Weyr itself where the herdbeasts and other livestock are kept during the cool hours of the day. Dragons come to feed here. The stables are located here as well.

Subforums: The Stables

1 2 Jul 9 2018, 04:34 PM
In: Come Morning Light
By: Bounce

Collapse   Mora Hold
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No New Posts Hold Proper
Built in the cleared lands beyond the cove, Mora Hold is one of the first open air holds on Pern. Stone buildings house a large population, some of whom work at the weyr, some of whom are crafters at the local halls. There's also an open air market to be visited by all in the area.

1 0 Jul 4 2018, 03:14 PM
In: Taking Stock
By: Mistywren
No New Posts Wherhandler Quarters
Wherhandlers have their own set of buildings in the hold, where wher clutches and raising young whers take place. The handlers themselves can choose whether to live at the quarters or have off-site housing. The wher compound contains a moderately sized jail to house Mora Hold miscreants.

3 6 Jul 12 2018, 11:56 PM
In: In Which Ara Kills The Mood...
By: Ira
No New Posts Crafthalls
Large facilities dedicated to beastcraft and farming are located at the outskirts of the hold. There are minor buildings for other crafts as well, a smithy, and a place for harpers to give lessons to the hold's youth.

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No New Posts Major Holds
The holds that have sprung to life on the Southern continent are widely varied. Each exists in a unique clime, all with different stories and unique people living in them. Many of Vaioa's candidates are Searched from these places rather than the North these days.

Subforums: Quarry Hold, Terrace Hold, Galliani CraftHold

1 0 Jun 20 2018, 09:28 PM
In: Jumping Into Hot Water
By: Esuta
No New Posts The Untamed Jungle
This sprawling jungle is one of many that cover the Southern Continent but it has the distinction of bordering right up against the established civilization of Vaioa and the surrounding settlements. Even well-trod roads often have thick jungles to either side. There is no inch of this place that isn't draped in vines and moss and brightly colored flowers. The forest is full of natural resources if you know where to look, but it is also home to thousands of poisonous creatures and plants as well as larger, more dangerous predators.

1 17 Yesterday at 09:15 am
In: Early Worms Get Eaten
By: Cali
No New Posts The Crater
Located roughly eighty miles inland from the cove hold, this impressive crater was once an active volcano. Were it bare, it might make an excellent Weyr but, long ago covered in a thick coat of vegetation, this remote and wild landmark of the South is beyond taming. The walls of this crater rise thousands of feet up into the clouds, making it inaccessible to all but the most ambitious and daring of dragons. Because of this, the wildlife here has remained nearly completely isolated from the rest of Pern for ages.

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No New Posts Geyser Plains
Located inland in one of the many stretches of mountains that litter the southern continent, is an enormous field of geysers. The landscape is bleak, littered with pillars of steaming water that regularly erupt up to a mile into the air and beautiful pools of brightly colored minerals, stewing in boiling water. To those brave enough to dig, this alien place is rich with precious minerals and gemstones.

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No New Posts Southern Weyrs
Two other Weyrs reside in the South: The well-established Lorrisan Weyr sits far south of Mora Hold, on an island in the middle of a vast lake, and the under construction South Igen in the West in the mountains.

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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Elsewhere on Pern
Anywhere else on Pern: Holds, Weyrs, and anywhere else in between, can be roleplayed here if need be. Includes the Northern Continent and the abandoned Old Vaioa.

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In: ----

Collapse   OOC
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts RP Plots
If you're looking for someone to RP with or a plot to start, look no further than this forum.
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In: Starscatter
By: Contrition
No New Posts Leave of Absence
Please let us know if you are planning to be away for a long period of time by posting in this forum.
6 4 Jul 11 2018, 04:18 AM
In: Bounce's Loa Tracker
By: Bounce
No New Posts Other Stuff
This forum is just for fun. OOC and IC spoofs are welcome here.
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In: Hatching Filters
By: Esuta
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Share a link to your own RP site here! Guests welcome!
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